Project Description

What does humanity need to survive?
What does the earth need to survive?

Are these strategies in conflicted and would the earth benefit from the fall of man? The weakening of the human being as an entity (as we adapt to our surroundings instead of ourselves) versus’ Survival of the Fittest “.

Marita Beukers
Xenia Gottenkieny
Annabel Kanaar
Leon Moleveld
Harry Schumacher
Annemarie van Ulden
Monique van Wensveen
Frans de Winter

(The cover is a compilation of ESA/Hubble, Roscosmos, Jan Erik Paulsen & Edd Prince)


    sunday, 2 august, 2015 until sunday, 6 september, 2015


    Vernissage “Survival”
su 2 aug, 16:00
by philosopher Eugène Büskens

su 16 aug, 15:00

Finissage “Survival”
su 6 sep, 16:00
music project by X-enia