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Mesh Events



The Mesh Print Club is a workspace where members – professional artists, student and/or enthusiastic creatives – can produce their work by means of silkscreen printing. Since 2 years we’re working together with the Mesh in organizing ‘Mesh events‘ on a regular bases.. Events with an interdisciplinary character to challenge, experiment and to make the workspace more versatile..

More than just a creative workspace, we transform the MeshPrintClub into a place where printing, live music, visuals and performance can coexist and where community bonds are strengthened.


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Fake Photobooth



Anything is possible..

Founded in 2014 by Xenia Gottenkieny as an experimental performance/installation project where photos are taken of visitors in front of a green screen. With the help of photo editing, these persons are then placed in a new setting. This can be an exotic location or a dream world. Anything is possible.

Fake Photobooth tries to stimulate the public to participate in the creative process. Through Fake Photobooth we want to offer a stage where multiple disciplines can come together and new forms of cooperation can arise.


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PXC aims to support and work with artists recording, release and distribution. The duo MOWA (formerly known as Moonflower Warrior) describes their songs as ‘music in support of the emotional rituals of nature. Inspired by The Carpenters, the dissonant Franz Liszt
and Nico in her late days’. The past year they released their first 7 ”single, including one of their own
version of Charley Patton’s ‘Dirt Road’. Review “Fierce independence and an utter refusal to compromise characterize the work of this duo, which harks back to Royal Trux’s shabby chaos .. This is music completely unfettered by rules and free
to follow its own, madcap path “(Richard Foster, MOWA performance @ Melkweg)


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Platform Bieute



During the ‘Residency for the End of Time’ in Coulanges (France) in August 2019, organized by the Rotterdam art collective “Woodstone Kugelblitz”, PXC has been assigned a location by this collective to renovate and make it representable as a pop-up platform for participating artists and other creatives during the residency that year and for years to come… In addition, this pop-up platform ‘Bieute’ will be extended to various locations in the coming years.

It will be an international meeting place for creatives and residents from the surrounding area. Together they will playfully and creatively investigate how major environmental problems affect the ‘small’ rural / urban life and what the possible scenarios of impact and reaction are.


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