Xenia Gottenkieny (Hameln , Germany) has studied audiovisual arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in The Netherlands (1992-1995).

Gottenkieny is a Rotterdam based (collage) artist, musician and photographer.

For many years the artist has developed her Idiotix art works. They have been exhibited world wide.
She is mostly known for her collages of people strangling each other.

One of her ongoing art projects is the production of a 16m Zygo collage which is made of smaller canvases presented together as a whole. For this project she is seeking new ways to exhibit art beyond traditional means.

Gottenkieny also creates surreal photo collages for Fake Photobooth which she founded in 2014.

Since 2016 she’s been illustrating for Vers Beton, online Dutch magazine about politics, art, culture and more.

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