On Saturday the 2nd of december there will be music and performances at the Attent. The communal space of living community ‘t O-tje. This event will start at 3 o clock in the afternoon and is free for all. (dec 1st, 2017)

There will be performances and music by:

X-enia makes experimental pop with a twist. Her music is characterized by her emotional powerful vocals, carried by vintage synth, intuitive bass lines and strange noises. Live she sings and accompanies herself on bass guitar, either supported with backing track or live drummer.
She’s recently finished her first solo album ‘8’, written, recorded and performed mostly by herself.
(http://www.facebook.com/xenia8 , http://www.x-enia.com/)

Janneke van der Putten will take us on a journey of vocal noise – an intense acoustic performance where she explores a range of vocal sonorities and on-site acoustics; where the human voice goes from emotional, intuitive to animal. It is an acrobatic tour de force, where Van der Putten balances between controllable and non-controllable physical power.

Rotterdam-based performer, and theologian Jacco Weener. His performances move in all directions; from tributes to Wim Sonneveld to religious theme evenings; anything is possible. This afternoon he will focus on the music side of things, demonstrating his unique take on singer/songwriting

Stay posted!