The release will be accompanied with the third single/clip taken from the album, followed by a CD promo tour. (dec 8th, 2017)

X-enia has worked on her solo album for the past 2 years. She’s written, recorded and produced most the songs at her home studio with some guest performances by Manfred Gstrein (I drive a UFO, Droppings), Stephan Kaffa (Polarized) and Marzj… They are mostly musicians she’s worked with in previous collaborations.

Some of the songs on the album had already been recorded with her former bands but Xenia decided she wanted to re-record those songs. She explains she’s always struggled in communicating her ideas to other band members, without any knowledge of chords or music theory and not being able to play any instruments.. Along the way she finally picked up playing the bass, borrowing the bass guitar from fellow musicians. Since most of the musicians she knew, were right-handed, she learned left-hand playing on a right-handed bass guitar.
After the breakup of her last band Droppings she finished her solo album in her home studio playing (almost) all instruments on the tracks herself.

X-enia‘s debut CD is to be self-released on April the 28th this year.
In the mean time you can listen to and buy her singles ‘Noone‘ and ‘Like‘ at Spotify, Deezer, Google Play¬†and Bandcamp

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