Stichting Worm (NL) has provided us with a radio channel which we can temporarily use to organize streaming radio, concerts and festivals (with audience) in the months to come. Every Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:00h DJ’s Ego and Xenia present Radio ‘Per Ongeluk‘ (RadPO)!

In the meantime we have already hosted a number of artists at RadPO giving concerts and interviews via streaming. You can get updates at our Facebook PXC events page.

We will incorporate ‘Infinite Lines’ as a regular feature in our radio program with updates on the project.

Lukas Simonis known from bands like ‘Dull Schicksal’, ‘AA Kismet’, ‘Liana Flu Winks’, performance SEPT 9th 2020


Sunday May the 2nd we’ve hosted our second online Streaming Festival at Twitch.tv!

Line up:

With an active, inquiring mind, Hitz consistently explores the unknown in life and in music.
In addition to baroque music, Hitz is active with experimental music, improvisation and theatrical performances.

Bassplayer Chris van Velde (studio project ‘Flesh, Trash & Heat, producer & soundtechnician) experiments on (wooden) bass in collaboration with guestmusicians.. more info soon
Climate Control Laboratories

For more info check out the Facebook event


Available soon


∞ Streaming Radio


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Who are we?

The non-profit foundation Plus-X-Creative was founded in 2015 by three creatives from the Netherlands: J. Koolen (city council, banjo musician, Rotterdam), H. Kwee (photographer, Amsterdam) and X. Gottenkieny (musician & artist Rotterdam). They met during cultural events and shared the passion to perform and to spread music and art. With this foundation their main aim was to play an active and supporting role in building a platform for creative empowerment.

Mission: Put creativity first!

These are exciting but also challenging times for the creative entrepreneur. Apart from trying to keep up with the fast changing world of technology, we’ve seen the emergence of necessary initiatives such as the ‘Platform for freelance musicians’ and the ‘Fair Practice Code’. Inspired by these positive movements, we want to help stimulate the emancipation of the artist, musician, dancer, performer and many other creatives.. .

Goals & Methods

We focus on cross-border projects / platforms where different artists and media come together. We seek collaboration with organizations that work with groundbreaking (‘realtime’) software technology.. We invite musicians and artists to explore the possibilities of these platforms and to what extent it enables musicians in developing their professional practice. We challenge artists to experiment and create new work at an accessible level with innovative technology.. Now and in the future, we will be able to reach more places where music and art are less obvious.


On March the 8th we organized a special ‘Mesh it Up!’ edition at the MeshPrintClub. Besides fantastic concerts and performances given by Tinyloops & Monster 3D Incubator and Kanipchen Fit we also had a T-shirt competition! First prize shared winners were Margriet Killian and Juninho Wouter! The designs were printed by Eden Simhony.


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